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Suffolk County Sheriff's Office


Suffolk County Sheriff's Office
Civil Enforcement Bureau

360 Yaphank Avenue
Yaphank, NY 11980

  • General Information¬†(631) 852-5600
  • Evictions¬†(631) 852-5621
  • Property Executions (631) 852-5627
  • Income Execution/ Salary Garnishments (631) 852-5623
  • Real Property Seizures (631) 852-5613/ (631) 852-5616
  • Bankruptcy (631) 852-5613/ (631) 852-5616
  • Orders to Show Cause (631) 852-5613/ (631) 852-5616
  • Summonses & Warrants (631) 852-5617

Enforcement of your Judgment of Possession & Warrant of Eviction

After your Suffolk County eviction proceeding is concluded, you most likely will receive a judgment of possession and a warrant of eviction, as well as a money judgment if your tenant owed you back rent.

The next step after court is to take your judgment and warrant to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s office within the required timeframe so they can execute the warrant and get you back physical possession of your apartment. Only the sheriff’s office can physically remove your tenant from the premises.

14-Day Notice

Once the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office receives your request, their first action is to serve your tenant with a 14-day eviction notice. This notice will inform them that in 14 days, they will return, and physically remove your tenant and all of their belongings.

Physical Removal of Your Tenant

After the expiration of your 14-day notice, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office will return to the apartment and physically remove your tenant from the premises, along with all of their belongings. Movers will put all of your tenant’s belongings at the curb. You or a locksmith should be present to change the locks immediately.¬†

Some towns in Suffolk County have a bit of a backlog. So after the 14-day notice is served, the Sheriff’s Office may not return for another 2-3 weeks. You can call us for the latest status.

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