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Nassau County Supreme Court


The Nassau County Supreme Court is located at:

100 Supreme Court Drive
Mineola, NY 11501
ūüďě (516) 493-3401

Hours: M-F, 9:15am – 4:45pm

Nassau County Judges

Department Phone Numbers


The Nasaau County Supreme Court holds jurisdiction over various types of civil cases involving claims for money damages exceeding $25,000. Its caseload includes tort claims, personal injury claims, contract disputes, and real property matters, including actions in ejectment. It also hears cases where a party seeks to enjoin or stop certain actions by another party. The Nassau County Supreme Court is also the court with jurisdiction for Nassau County, NY residents to address matters related to the termination of a marriage, including separation, annulment, and divorce.

(The Nassau County District Court generally handles civil matters seeking monetary damages up to $15,000, small claims matters with monetary damages up to $5,000, commercial small claims matters with monetary damages up to $5,000, and landlord tenant matters concerning housing proceedings and evictions.)

Nassau County Jury Duty

Jury Duty Service Phone #: (516) 493-3334

If you have been called for jury duty in Nassau County, you will be reporting to the main jury room on the first floor of the 100 Supreme Court Drive building. Bring a fully charged phone or something to read, as you may be there a while.

When you arrive, you’ll find parking easier on the south-side of the building. The North side closer to Old Country Road has employee-only parking, and you will get an expensive ticket if you park in the wrong place. The lot behind the courthouse (on the south side of the building) has plenty of free parking open to the public.

When you enter the building for jury duty, you’ll pass through metal detectors. You’ll then be directed to the main jury room where a lovely yet powerful Irish woman will tell you that you’re not special (everyone has to serve for jury duty). You will then be shown a video presentation about your responsibilities as a juror, and you’ll wait for your name to be called to a smaller room. There, you will be asked some unassuming questions by lawyers in expensive suits who have waited many years for this trial date, and will be excited to meet you. If you give the magic answers, you may just find yourself serving on a jury.¬† Trials can last anywhere from a day to 3 months. You’ll be told approximately how long each trial will be, and you will be asked the maximum time period you can reasonably serve if chosen.¬†

If you have some sort of issue where you can’t serve, you will have the opportunity to let them know. But chances are, you’ll be waiting around for a while.

If you’re given a break while waiting to be called, there’s a small room next door to this room with couches, a TV and vending machines. Go exploring. This room also has a row of old fashioned phone booths, with phone books from the 1990s still inside. Come to think of it, the snacks in the vending machine may also be from the 1990s. So you may want to bring your own snack.

There’s lots of great corners of this courthouse that have been untouched for decades. And for better or worse, you may uncover them during jury duty. Good luck, and thanks for serving!

The Nassau County Supreme Court Building
100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola - 1960s

Nassau County Supreme Court

The Nassau County Supreme Court building at 100 Supreme Court Drive in Mineola, New York, was originally built in the 1960s to accommodate the growing number of cases in Nassau County and has since been expanded and renovated several times. This is the “functional” courthouse in the complex, and is where most of the day-to-day Supreme Court operations take place.

In addition to its use as a courthouse, the Nassau County Supreme Court building has also been used as a filming location for several movies and television shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the film Reversal of Fortune.

The courthouse underwent a major renovation in 2005, which included the installation of new security measures such as metal detectors and X-ray machines. In 2013, the building was renamed the “Peter T. Farrell Judicial Complex” in honor of the late Nassau County legislator who was instrumental in securing funding for the renovation.

The Nassau County Courthouse
Old Country Road, Mineola - 1930s

Historical Nassau County Court, Mineola

Across the parking lot on the other side of the courthouse square sits the old Nassau County Court building. This older, more adorned “historical” courthouse used to be the main courthouse before the building on 100 Supreme Court Drive was constructed. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2021, and is now a national landmark.

In the past this building has been the site of a ton of sensational trials such as the Weinstein kidnapping, the Colin Ferguson LIRR shooting trial, the Amy Fisher trial (known as the “Long Island Lolita” involving Joey Buttafuco), and serial killer Joel Rifkin. It’s hosted happier moments as well, with both actor Henry Fonda and singer Bob Dylan getting married to their wives here.

But perhaps this building is best known for its architecture. The beautiful sandstone building on Old Country Road was built in the 1930s, and based on a design for the Lincoln Memorial. Bronze torchieres adorn the outside entranceways. Sculptures and gargoyles adorn the outside. Scenes of judicial life play out around the overhead, leaving no doubt this is a place to be judged. 

If you’re interested in seeing more photos of courthouses, find us on Instagram. @longislandevictions

But the inside is just as impressive. The awe-inspiring Roman-esque interior showcases adorned roman-style columns and limestone walls with visible embedded fossils. Sold marble steps leads you to the courtroom entranceway. You can feel the history of this building with every step.

 Overall, these Nassau County Supreme Court buildings have such a rich history and play an important role in the legal system of Nassau County and beyond.

Other Notable Facts about Nassau County Supreme Court

Moe Levine, Nassau County Trial Lawyer 1908-1974

In the legal community, Moe Levine was perhaps one of the greatest trial lawyers of all time. He conducted over 2,000 civil jury trials, most of them in Nassau County Supreme Court.

His lectures and books on trial advocacy and litigation techniques inspired generations of trial lawyers. Many of America’s leading trial lawyers credit Moe Levine for their ability to work a courtroom and advocate their personal injury cases to a jury. And Moe developed those skills and concepts right here in Nassau County Supreme Court. No self-respecting trial lawyer would write about this courthouse without giving a professional nod to the contributions and genius of Mr. Levine.

Current Justices of the Nassau County Supreme Court

Hon. Vito DeStefano,  Administrative Judge

Madeleine Petrara, Esq., Law Clerk

Rosanne Reddy, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3176

Fax: 516-493-3391

Part Rules


Hon. Stacy D. Bennett

Matrimonial Center

Lisa J Silverman, Esq., Law Clerk

Danielle Esposito, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3436

Fax: 516-493-3478


Hon. Lisa A. Cairo

Lisa K Butler, Esq., Law Clerk

Christine Conlon, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3294

Fax: 516-493-3068

Part Rules


Hon. Joseph R. Conway

Matrimonial Center

Dana Grossblatt, Esq., Law Clerk

Ruth Ann Dalia, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3440

Fax: 516-493-3488


Hon. R. Bruce Cozzens, Jr.

Kathryn D. Hopkins, Esq., Law Clerk

Layne Lew, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3172

Fax: 516-493-3056


Hon. Eileen Daly-Sapraicone

Marissa Pullano, Esq., Law Clerk

Danielle Cipolla, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3155

Fax: 516-493-3016

Part Rules


Hon. Edmund Dane

Matrimonial Center

Michael R. Gionesi, Esq., Law Clerk

Elaine Belitsis, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3428

Fax: 516-493-3489


Hon. Timothy S. Driscoll

Kristin Seibert, Esq., Law Clerk

Kemely Weiss, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3184

Fax: 516-493-3380


Hon. Rhonda E. Fischer (AJSC)

Leigh Neren, Esq., Law Clerk

Lisa Carlisi, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3215

Fax: 516-493-3279

Part Rules


Hon. Elizabeth Fox-McDonough

Matrimonial Center

Allison Warga, Esq., Law Clerk

Bonnie Meyerrose, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3420

Fax: 516-493-3458


Hon. Sharon Gianelli

Veronica Renta Irwin, Esq., Law Clerk

Priscilla Quansah, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk

Tel: 516-493-3286

Fax: 516-493-3386

Part Rules


Hon. Jeffrey A. Goodstein

Supervising Judge, Matrimonial Center

Court Of Claims, (AJSC)

Steven Maffei, Esq., Law Clerk

Gabrielle Pullo, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk

Tel: 516-493-3424

Fax: 516-493-3476


Hon. David J Gugerty

Eric Milgrim, Esq., Law Clerk

Kathleen Ferrandino, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3192

Fax: 516-493-3078

Part Rules


Hon. Dawn M. Jimenez

Joseph Lorenzo, Esq., Law Clerk

Paul Jordonne, Esq. Assistant Law Clerk

Tel: 516-493-3247

Fax: 516-493-3419

Part Rules

Fillable Stipulation


Hon. Sarika Kapoor

Court Of Claims, (AJSC)

Danielle Silas, Esq., Law Clerk

Kaitlyn McCracken, Esq.,  Assistant Law Clerk

Tel: 516-493-3372

Fax: 516-493-3043

Part Rules

Adjournment Request


Hon. Gary F. Knobel

Alexander Mangano, Esq., Law Clerk

Kathleen Nolan, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3223

Fax: 516-493-3057


Hon. Joseph Lorintz

Matrimonial Center

Ian Steinberg, Esq., Law Clerk


Tel: 516-493-3432

Fax: 516-493-3462


Hon. Randy Sue Marber

Mili Makhijani, Esq., Law Clerk

Rebecca Paredes, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk

Tel: 516-493-3219

Fax: 516-493-3205

Part Rules


Hon. James McCormack

Appellate Term

Greg Roth, Esq., Law Clerk

Margaret Ward, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3263

Fax: 516-493-3206

Part Rules



Hon. Felice J. Muraca

Lisa Corso, Esq., Law Clerk

Elizabeth Hildebrandt, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3164

Fax: 516-493-3411

Part Rules

Adjournment Request


Hon. Jerome C. Murphy

Nancy Nicotra, Esq., Law Clerk

Jane Voltz, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3243

Fax: 516-493-3393

Part Rules


Hon. Danielle Peterson

Jeremy Jorgensen, Esq., Law Clerk

Rosemarie Licameli, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3180

Fax: 516-493-3384

Part Rules

Adjournment Request

Pre-Motion Discovery Conference


Hon. Diccia Pineda-Kirwan

Andrew Piddoubny, Esq., Law Clerk

Zainab Karim, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk

Tel: 516-493-3376

Fax: 516-493-3317

Part Rules


Hon. Erica L. Prager

Rachel Zampino, Esq., Law Clerk

Corrine Glanzman, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3227

Fax: 516-493-3278


Part Rules



Hon. Christopher G. Quinn

Stephanie Rafalowski, Esq., Law Clerk

Lisa Garry, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3188

Fax: 516-493-3075

Part Rules


Hon. Thomas Rademaker

Daniel McLane, Esq., Law Clerk

Marilyn McIntosh, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3160

Fax: 516-493-3037

Part Rules

Adjournment Request

PC Order & Checklist


Hon. Francis Ricigliano

Steven Dalton, Esq., Law Clerk

Gina Marie Boyce, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3267

Fax: 516-493-3388

Part Rules

Adjournment Request

Pre-Motion Discovery Conference


Hon. Catherine Rizzo


Lauren Reber, Esq., Law Clerk

Beatriz Fuschetto, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3211

Fax: 516-493-3412

Part Rules


Hon. Denise Sher

Court of Claims, (AJSC)

Cara Anne Patton, Esq., Law Clerk

, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3239

Fax: 516-493-3389

Part Rules


Hon. Conrad Singer

Jennifer Ferraro, Esq., Law Clerk

Lynell Giovannello, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3231

Fax: 516-493-3414

Part Rules

Adjournment Request


Hon. Leonard Steinman

Danielle Medeiros,Esq.,Law Clerk

Laureen DeLay, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3252

Fax: 516-493-3285


Part Rules

Adjournment Request

Conference Request Form


Hon. David P. Sullivan

Lawrence Schaeffer, Esq., Law Clerk

Kathleen Ciotti, Secretary

Tel: 516-493-3168

Fax: 516-493-3385


Part Rules



Nassau County Supreme Court Department Phone Numbers:



Phone Number

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Attorney Client Fee Dispute Program (Part 137)


FAX: 493-3320

Appellate Term


Case Mgmt & Trial Operations


Court Information Center


Court Reporters


District Administration Office


Electronic Filing Office




Ex Parte


Foreclosure Settlement Conf. / Auction Conf. Calendar


Foreclosure Motions & Info Fax



Foreclosure Covid-19 Motion Conf.


Foreclosure Auction Information


Foreclosure Surplus Monies / Status Conference Part




Hospital Hearings / Infant Comp.


Intake / Preliminary Conf. Desk


Interpreter Services


Judgments & Orders


Jury Duty Service


Jury Selection Coordinator


Law Department


Matrimonial Clerk’s Office


Matrimonial Orders/ Judgments


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Matrimonial Uncontested


Matrimonial Contested


Matrimonial Mediations


Motion Support


SCAR/ Tax Certiorari


Security (Districtwide)


Security/ Supreme Operations


Security/ Mat Center Operations


Subpoenaed Records


Tech Help Desk


Nassau County Free Law Library

The Nassau County Supreme Court contains one of New York State’s Court Information Centers, located on the second floor. The Court Information Center is available to provide free general information about court procedures. The Center can provide information on which court can hear your case. Many sample court forms and informational brochures are available. You may be able to obtain phone numbers of agencies which may be able to assist in your particular situation. Lawyer referral numbers are also available. If more detailed information is needed to research your case, the Supreme Court Law Library is located adjacent to the Court Information Center. The library has computers with internet access and printers available for public use. Library personnel can assist you in finding the legal resources available.