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Evictions in the Town of Brookhaven


If you have an apartment in the Town of Brookhaven, NY and are trying to learn more about the evictions procedure, or which landlord-tenant court your proceeding would take place in, hopefully the information on this page will help you.

Of course it’s always best to consult with a landlord-tenant lawyer that serves the town of Brookhaven that has experience both evicting tenants and defending tenants in Suffolk County District Court in Patchogue. You can call us or even text us right now, and we can get you the information you need right away.

If you’d prefer to keep learning, then here’s some information on the procedure to evict a tenant in the Town of Brookhaven.

The Town of Brookhaven Evictions Process

The two main types of eviction proceedings in the town of Brookhaven are nonpayment proceedings and holdover proceedings. Once you know the proceeding you’d like to bring to evict your tenant, then you must follow the strict procedures provided by law for evicting a tenant in the town of Brookhaven.

Resources for Evicting a Tenant in the Town of Brookhaven:

What Court do You File an Eviction Proceeding in if Your Property is in the Town of Brookhaven and You Want to Evict Your Tenant?

The Suffolk County District Court, 6th District is located at 150 West Main Street in Patchogue, NY. The court handles all types of eviction proceedings in the town of Brookhaven, including evictions for residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings.

You can view our Suffolk County District Court page for more information.

suffolk county district court, patchogue

Learn More About the Suffolk County District Court for the 6th District in Patchogue

If your apartment is located in one of the towns, villages or hamlets in the town of Brookhaven, then you can file your eviction proceeding in the Suffolk County District Court for the 6th District in Patchogue.

The Suffolk County District Court in Patchogue
Landlord-Tenant division covers:

* Includes towns, villages & hamlets.

  • Belle Terre
  • Bellport Beach (Fire Island)
  • Bellport
  • Blue Point
  • Brookhaven
  • Calverton (certain parts)
  • Canaan Lake
  • Centereach
  • Center Moriches
  • Cherry Grove (Fire Island)
  • Coram
  • Crystal Beach
  • Cupsogue Beach
  • Davis Park (Fire Island)
  • East Moriches
  • East Patchogue
  • East Setauket
  • East Shoreham
  • Eastport
  • Farmingville
  • Fire Island Pines (Fire Island)
  • Gordon Heights
  • Hagerman
  • Holtsville (certain parts)
  • Hospital Island (Fire Island)
  • John Boyle Island (Fire Island)
  • Lake Grove
  • Lake Ronkonkoma (certain parts)
  • Manorville
  • Mastic Beach
  • Mastic
  • Medford
  • Middle Island
  • Miller Place
  • Moriches
  • Mount Sinai
  • North Bellport
  • North Patchogue
  • Oakleyville (Fire Island)
  • Ocean Bay Park (Fire Island)
  • Old Field
  • Patchogue
  • Pelican Island (Fire Island)
  • Point O’Woods (Fire Island)
  • Port Jefferson Station
  • Port Jefferson
  • Ridge Island (Fire Island)
  • Ridge
  • Rocky Point
  • Ronkonkoma (certain parts)
  • Selden
  • Setauket
  • Shirley
  • Sound Beach
  • South Haven
  • Stony Brook
  • Strongs Neck
  • Terryville
  • Upton
  • Wading River
  • Water Island (Fire Island)
  • West Manor
  • Yaphank

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Summary of the timeline to evict a tenant in the Town of Brookhaven:

The timeline for an eviction has many variables. But as a general guide, the Suffolk County District Court in Patchogue is one of the slower venues. It usually takes 45-60 days at least to conclude a landlord-tenant matter. Timeframes will vary, depending on the circumstances.

A Sample Timeline of a
Non-Payment Proceeding in the Town of Brookhaven:

Step 1

Drafting & serving required notices

The required predicate notices must be drafted and sent to a process server for service. Service could take a week or more.

Step 1

Step 2

Wait for notice expiration

After service is completed, you must wait for the expiration of the time period on the notice to proceed. It could be a 10-day notice, a 14-day notice, a 30-day notice, a 60-day notice, or a 90-day notice, depending on your situation. This is the time that the tenant has to pack up and leave.

Step 2

Step 3

Asses status

After the time on the notice expires, if the tenant still has not moved out, you can now proceed with a court proceeding to have them legally removed. 

Step 3

Step 4

Draft & File Petition & Receive Court Date

Upon immediate conclusion of the notice period, a notice of petition and petition will be filed with the district court in Patchogue to begin your eviction proceeding. The district court of Suffolk County in Patchogue assigns a court date. As soon as your attorney knows the date, you will be notified and given additional instructions, like what to do on the court date and what to expect.

Step 4

Step 5

Serve Tenants with the Petition & Notices

The tenant must be served again with the petition and required legal notices, and will be notified to appear in Suffolk County District Court in Patchogue on the appearance date.

Step 5

Step 6

Appear in Court

On the court date, all parties will appear in court. If the tenant fails to appear, the landlord’s attorney may ask the court for a judgment of possession and a warrant of eviction by default. If all parties are present, they will be expected to have a conference in the courthouse to discuss the possibility of settlement.

If the case can be settled, the parties will draft a stipulation of settlement, which will describe what they have agreed to. If the judge approves the settlement, the case will be over.


Step 6

Step 7


If the parties cannot come to settlement terms, then the judge will schedule a trial on a new date. On the day of trial, both sides will present their case. If your tenant loses, the court will issue a judgment of possession and a warrant of eviction, which is what the Sheriff will need to physically remove your tenant. 

Step 7

Step 8

Have Your Tenants Physically Removed

You can now take your judgment and warrant to your county sheriff, and they will physically remove your tenant and their belongings from the apartment, and return possession of the premises back to you.

Step 8
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